Water Armour Premium All Surface Armour

Water Armour Premium All Surface Armour

$15.99 CAD

New spray bottle, get 60ml for the price of 50ml


Water Armour Premium All Surface Armour is the little cousin of our Glass & Plastic. It is a water-based hydrophobic nanotechnology coating for metal, ceramics, glass, rubber, plastics, painted surfaces, wood, and leather. It helps prevent sun bleaching, weathering, stains, dirt, mould, bacteria, abrasions, and damage from coffee, juice, wine, and other liquids. It will not change the color, texture, or breathability of the surface. It has the Potential to last for years!

While this product works very well on glass, ceramics, and smooth metals, our Water Armour Premium Glass & Plastic is designed specifically for these specific surfaces and is recommended for them as it will be a much more effective product and last significantly longer.

This is a water based product and therefore will not damage anything sensitive to alcohols.


Try this product on you bathroom sink, shower, and walls. Also effective for protecting your stoves, refrigerators, and counters. Use it outside to protect patio furniture and decks from weathering and rust. Also use it on your car to help prevent build up of dirt, grease, salt, road grime, and rust. It even works great on leather boots and shoes to protect them against salt, dirt, mud, and water damage. This premium product has endless uses!

It comes in a highly concentrated form and is diluted before use. At 10% this 50mL bottle will make 500mL of solution and can cover approximately 25-30 square meters or more with very significant results! Try it out and see what works for your needs!



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