Water Armour Premium Glass & Plastic Sale! 1/2 price

Water Armour Premium Glass & Plastic

Sale! 1/2 price

$29.99 CAD

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Water Armour Premium Glass & Plastic is a superhydrophobic coating for glass, some plastics, and other smooth, nonporous surfaces. It maintains clarity, prevents rusting, resists fogging, repels water, helps prevent bacteria growth, resists scratching and abrasions, reflects harmful UV rays, and helps prevent dirt, oil, grease, and other debris from adhering to the coated surface. It can also last for many years!



It is a premium product designed for glass of all kinds, but is also perfect for car bodies, showers, toilets and sinks, visors of all sorts, kitchens and bathrooms, and anywhere else you can put it to use!
10mL will cover approximately 1 square meter or more, depending on the surface.




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Click here for MSDS information on Water Armour Glass & Plastic


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