Water Armour Premium Cleaner & Conditioner

Water Armour Premium Cleaner & Conditioner

$12.99 CAD

 New 60ml Bottles for the price of 50ml


Water Armour Premium Cleaner & Conditioner is a versatile cleaning product for the whole house.It is water based and will not damage any finishes. It will not damage any Water Armour hydrophobic product and can be used to clean the surface before being coated. Tough to clean surfaces like mirrors, glass, and stainless steel appliances have never looked cleaner!

It works miracles on stains in fabrics including oil based paints, ink, grass, blood, mustard, and tough food stains without affecting fabric colour even once they have set! Stains are no longer permanent!

One of the most powerful, yet gentle cleaning products on the market.


It is a premium product designed for all kinds of cleaning chores! It works especially well on glass, plastic, sealed wood, stone, counter tops, ceramics, metal, and painted metal.

50mL will cover a large surface area and it may be diluted before use. For light stains and grime, dilute 3 parts water to 1 part cleaner. For heavier, stubborn stains, use at full concentration. Simply rub on and either wipe or wash off.

For fabric stains, pour a small amount at full concentration on the stain and rub in with fingers for 1-2 minutes. Allow to stand for 10 minutes and then place in laundry using hottest water the fabric will stand. Repeat if necessary.

Always test before using. A very faint blue haze may occur on very light coloured fabrics such as white or light yellow. If this occurs, simply take it out with a conventional stain remover. Although this may seem like a time-wasting two step process, most conventional stain removers will not remove things such as ink, blood, mustard, and paint.




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