Water Armour is a manufacturer of super hydrophobic coatings which you can apply to protect and waterproof glass, plastic, fabric, leather, suede, and much more.

Why is this important?

Water Armour repels water and resist fogging.

Applications: car windshields, electrical lines, boats, mirrors, shower enclosures

Water Armour allows the easy removal of ice and frost

Applications: car windows

Water Armour helps prevent the growth of bacteria by limiting the amount of moisture on surfaces:

Applications: Kitchens & bathrooms

Water Armour protects surfaces from being worn down over time due to water abrasion:

Applications: roofing, boats, cars……

Water Armour can help prevent the rotting of wood and rusting of metals:

Application: outdoor structures & furniture

Water Armour allows easy cleaning with a splash of water giving an almost self-cleaning effect since dirt, grease, grime or debris sits on top of the coating not the actual surface. Even heavily soiled items will be easier to clean.

Application: cars, decks, kitchen & bathroom surfaces, walls, furniture.

Water Armour protects water sensitive surfaces:

Applications: computers, phones, calculators and other electronics that risk coming into contact with moisture.*

The possibilities are almost endless!

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Water Armour is The Largest Canadian Owned Supplier of Hydrophobic Nano Products

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